News & Events

As well as our regular activities, we hold a number of special events throughout the year that we know you will love. Ask Mum or Dad to look at the notice board to see what’s happening at the Kindercafé or check them out here on our website.


15.01.17 - Sorry, we're now closed

It is with deep sadness that due to unforeseen circumstances we announce that The Kinder Cafe has unfortunately closed and is no longer open for business. We'd like to thank our customers who have been a pleasure to serve. We wish you all the best in the future!


Happy New Year!

We wish all of our customers a happy new year and hope that 2017 is filled with joy


Is mum or dad's birthday coming up soon?  Do they want the children to come to their party too?

If so, why not get them to book their own birthday celebrations at the Kindercafé. We are fully licenced and have the facilities to hold a great evening party while you can still keep an eye on the children as they play away in our safe and supervised play room. 

No need for a babysitter when you can book your own adult birthday party at the Kindercafé as we make sure eating is always fun.

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